Home & Away: Interior Ideas from Morocco

Series of posts about hotels I've stayed in that have really inspired my taste and style in interior design. First up is Les Deux Tours in La Palmarie in Marrakesh. A peaceful oasis location away from the frenetic Medina of Marrakesh where luxe meets Moroccan and a little bit of colonialism. I couldn't resist but add in few tips and favourite things we did in Morocco too. Enjoy and go visit soon!

Interior Inspiration from The Red House

Interior Inspiration from the very lovely Red House acquired by the National Trust in 2007. William Morris designed and lived at the Red House in his early marriage and some of his textiles and wallpapers were have been designed here. My blog post journeys through the house, understands the emotional connection of Morris to the Red House and also offers ideas for modern schemes using Morris and Co. wallpaper.

Finding Home Inspiration in London Art Galleries

I find Art Galleries are one of the best places to get interiors inspiration. Colour and texture combinations can give great ideas as well as how busts are placed in front of colourful walls or the rooms themselves can inspire us. The Tate Britain is one of my favourite places in London and on a recent visit I got so many ideas for interior design.