So back in April 2017 I decided to start a blog.

I live in a leafy suburb of South East London with my Director of Photography husband John and my two gorgeous little boys. I actually grew up in Northern Ireland but have been in England for almost half my life. Sometimes I miss the green hills but mostly I love being in a great city full of so much culture. We’ve lived in our home for over 5 years and it’s been quite a journey from fixer-upper to dream home (and we’re still not there yet)!

I had to start my blog after my second son turned one (check out my first post here) so I could share my my passion for interiors and also document our renovation journey. I feel so passionately that our living spaces should reflect our personality and I want to help you figure out your own style, rather than feel that you have to follow trends. My personal style draws on natural sky and landscape colours and I love bold shades to add extra drama to a room. It's an eclectic mix of industrial and vintage style with a modern interpretation.

“I love walking into a room and not only taking in what it looks like but how it makes me feel. That’s always my starting point with interior design.”

Since starting the blog I’ve been so lucky that my passion has become my business. Before kids I worked as a dance artist, teaching and choreographing for all ages in my local community. What’s weird is that I find the creative interior design process very similar to choreography and am finding that my experience in arts management and role as a mentor and teacher has also given me the perfect skills to run my creative business.

So what can you expect from the blog?

Lots of creativity and colour! You’ll find the ‘Journey Home’ series where I explore and examine local homes. I also share my DIY experiences with down-to-earth tips so you can give it a go yourself. Look out for some room reveals with before and after pictures (definitely going to be more if these in 2018) and there might be a little inspiration from our travels across the world. Every once in a while I might get a bit deep and explore concepts of home and belonging. The aim of every word I write (and photo I take) is that you can discover your own style and end up with rooms that you really love and that are uniquely you. Why don't you sign up to my email list below at the bottom of the page so you don’t miss a post?

Two surprising things that I love since starting the blog is the friendly world of social media and my growing passion for photography (all the images on my site have been taken by me). I'm a bit of an Instagram fan so follow me there to keep up to date with my progress and to enjoy some real-time videos.

Thanks for stopping by! It’s a pleasure to have you and I’d love to hear from you via the button below. And remember it's YOUR ROOM, YOUR STORY!


D x