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If you remember my previous blog a few weeks ago, I shared how we decided to use Naked Doors to create a really bespoke kitchen which we designed and planned all by ourselves. Just to recap we planned our kitchen via Ikea and and then choose our Naked Doors which were spray painted to our specified colour (Inchyra Blue by Farrow and Ball) to fit the Ikea Metod carcasses. I know, genius! This gave us the creative options we wanted in terms of colour yet also allowed us to have the kitchen we wanted within our budget. Working with Naked Doors has really been a win-win for us and now I want to share a little more about the installation process as well as some of the finer questions you might have about using them. Although the kitchen isn’t 100% finished (with end panels and floor to install, lights to fit etc.) we have been enjoying our Naked Doors for a a few months now and couldn't be happier. My husband installed it by himself with relative ease and only a few holes to be drilled so whether you or your builder are fitting them it should be a pretty straight forward affair. For more on our renovation journey have a read here.


  1. The ordering process is lengthy but only because there are lots of elements to consider from the details and end sections as well as the various options of doors open to you. Which type of doors are you going to have? A routed decorative line and will you add your own handles or have them designed into the door? In my opinion this is where you need to get clear on your style and the mood for the kitchen from the onset so that you know the goal for the room, which definitely makes this part easier and less stressful. And I was so grateful to the amazing customer service team at Naked Doors who asked all the right questions and helped with some of the aesthetic areas where I was struggling.

  2. Whereas originally I thought we would have a shaker style style with a traditional Belfast sink, as we were choosing the doors I realised that I wanted to make it a little more modern and went for slab doors and an anthracite sink with copper tap. Likewise when it came to our choices of pelmet it took us ages to decide on this and in the end realised to just leave the doors square at the top for a sleeker look. We have low ceilings too (thanks to a mistake by the builders it’s a little lower than we’d like!) and so I didn’t want it to look too fussy, but there are great options if you’re going for a more traditional look! As a extra point, I have to say that the shaker doors from Naked have very satisfying and pleasing proportions.


3. Ok, so my husband John was really the one in the know here and the one who physically installed the doors but I can vouch that because that most of the replacement doors came with the pre-drilled holes, it meant that fitting the hinges (from Ikea) was very straightforward. Some of the bespoke doors needed to have holes drilled and the appliance doors didn’t come pre-drilled but this was pretty straight forward to do.

4. I didn’t realise until we started to design the details and order the doors how the end panels and filler bits are the elements that really make the cupboards come together and look framed and balanced. Particularly in our case where the cabinets are white and the doors are dark green so we don’t want to see any of those white edges at all when the doors are shut. Most of the ends and filler bits were bespoke sizes so this took quite a bit of time measuring and checking and some of the filler bits still need to be cut to size and installed. This is a bit more fiddly but an important component of getting that finished look. It’s great that all these details are thought of and supplied by Naked Doors so that your kitchen has that professional finish.

5. I love the drawers! There are so practical on either side of the range cooker and I would really recommend them for ease of access and of use when cooking. That’s definitely my top kitchen tip!

6. Utilising every space in a kitchen is key so that there is no dead space. We had plenty of this in our previous flat and wanted to make sure we maximised every space and with a C shape kitchen, that means that there are two dreaded corner areas. However we have installed a nifty pull out drawer so that we can easily access the saucepans and baking things by pulling out the inserts. (The kids love ‘helping’ mummy cook at this point!) On one side of the kitchen we had to trim an Ikea cupboard to fit in the space to allow room for our American style fridge and this is where Naked’s bespoke doors came in a treat for us (a supposed as the standard doors that come in Metod dimensions). You can mix and match in your order like we did. It takes time but very do-able.

7. Another point which is important to say is that the doors come very securely packaged. Which is great as I was a little worried about any scratches happening until they were in situ. And as a side note, the foam packaging provided hours of entertainment (literally!) for the boys using the blue foam edges as lightsabers! But rest assured your doors will arrive safely to your home.

Kids playing with the Naked Doors packaging


8. I guess the thing that most people have asked me about the doors is whether they have marked or scratched easily or is the paint wearing off. I can honestly say with hand on my heart that the answer is no! And in the short time they’ve been installed there have been some substantial spillages on them, including boiling water and even piping hot butter from baking and they have scrubbed up perfectly. The paint has been applied brilliantly and I can testify that they are easy to wipe. Especially those little sticky oily fingers that we have as a family of four…

9. I’m going to finish with aesthetics and the thing I love most of all with our new kitchen doors is the matt, unpolished finish of the doors. They really look premium and luxurious and fit with the atmosphere of the room and it’s modern industrial feel. When painting any wood I always opt for eggshell as I do prefer the matt finish that it produces but the way the Naked Doors are sprayed could never compare to painting it yourself. I’m so impressed with the finish and my new kitchen!


Okay so I’ll not leave you in suspense any longer and give you a little insight into how the Naked Doors are looking. There are a lot about these images that bug me. The cable because the electrician hasn’t been yet, the marks on the wall that need to be polyfiller-ed and touched up and the doors needs levelled etc. but I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the overall feel and atmosphere of our kitchen. It makes me smile every day I walk in here…

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So there you go! I know that it’s extremely boring the snail’s pace that we are getting this room finished but I know that it’s going to be totally worth the wait! If you have any other thoughts or questions about using Naked Doors or designing a kitchen then I really would love to hear from you so comment below or reach out to me via any of my social media channels. If you’re doing a kitchen renovation soon or might be in the near future why not follow Naked Doors on Instagram here not only for daily colourful kitchen inspiration on your feed but some very unique and gorgeous neutral spaces too. And stay tuned, the big reveal will be here in the next couple of months…

Yours in colour and creativity,

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Disclaimer: This blog is a collaboration with Naked Doors who gave me a discount in exchange for a set of three blog posts highlighting my journey of creating my dream kitchen. All thoughts and opinions are my own and as always I only collaborate with brands that I love and think that will help you in your own home.

Why I'm still blogging after two years?

Why I'm still blogging after two years?

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Interior Inspiration from the immersive kingdom of Neverworld!