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Wall Inspiration from Catford Arts Trail

Wall Inspiration from Catford Arts Trail

I love discovering new artists and thinking about what art I can put on my walls but it can be so hard firstly finding those artists and secondly knowing what to buy. I've written a couple of blog posts already with some ideas of what kind of art you can put on your walls and also how to hang them. This weekend I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend walking around Catford, my neighbouring area in SE London for the yearly Catford Arts Trail. I was mainly meandering around the Corbett Estate as I only had a few hours so missed quite a few artists but I loved snooping (who wouldn't) around strangers' homes and perusing the art and artefacts on display there. Basically when you stumbled upon a Catford Arts signpost, you just walk through the open door! It was really fun and if you don't know us SE Londoners we are a really friendly bunch. I got to visit about half the locations I wanted to because I got into so many interesting conversations with artists and residents and definitely got a little distracted with a glass of prosecco at one welcoming home!

Maybe this is all you think Catford has to offer? You'd be wrong!

Maybe this is all you think Catford has to offer? You'd be wrong!

Anyway I digress, the reason I wanted to attend this community event was so that I could source artwork for my own house and get a little inspiration for when the building work is finished and my rooms need those finishing touches. But I also want to share my discoveries with YOU! Especially those of you living close to the area as there is definitely something special about having a print or painting in your home created by someone who lives just down the road. The best thing about artwork and prints (which can be surprisingly affordable) is that anyone can use them to jazz up a wall or area of their home. Yes even if you rent your property (if you need some nifty ideas about nail-free hanging solution read my post here) this is a way you can breathe your personality into a room if you're restricted to white or magnolia walls.  

Catford Arts Trail Torridon Library

So basically below I have a range of artist's work that I loved from my journey around Catford ranging in price and created through various means and media. Oh and there's a little interiors treat in there from a gorgeous house I got access to towards the end...

1. Kelda Storm

My first stop was possibly one of my favourites as I could see one of Kelda's screen prints immediately fitting into one of my room ideas. Her work hit me as soon as I walked through the door of her home. The prints that stood out to me the most were the advert-style images which reminded me of something the creative department could have produced for Don Draper at Sterling Cooper! Yes my reception room is going to have a 1960s Mad Men influence. Think teals and burnt orange and hopefully some mid-century furniture. So I imagine I'll be getting back in touch with Kelda to add some finishing touches to that room in the next year. I love images like hers that make you think and that force you stop and consider the deeper meaning. I also love the way she keeps her print runs small so that you know that you've got something a little bit unique.

2. Enver Gursev

In the same home as Kelda lives another very talented and thought-provoking artist who inspiration comes from a very personal place. This is something that I think is really important to any creative process - you got to have a little bit of you in there. Enver is fascinating by the lost and abandoned spaces of his native Cyprus and his paintings capture the sadness and importance of ghost towns across that country. I really identify with that sense of loneliness of spending time in long-forgotten places where people used to live when we experienced similar ghost towns along Route 66 when we visited nine years ago. There is a fascination in capturing those spaces and agree with the way Enver expresses that it's really all about "human relationships with objects and space." The actual paintings themselves have such depth of colour and texture and on first glance it's really hard to pinpoint the location (which for me is part of the beauty). You can find out more about Enver's work here.

3. Rehanna Chaudhri

I'm definitely no artist with a paint brush (honestly it was my worst subject at school) but Rehanna's medium is something I'm a little more familiar with - paper cutting! My husband bought me a workshop as a Christmas present one year and I really enjoying creating shapes and scenes with a scalpel and paper. The glory of Rehanna's creations is that she  uses multiple colours of paper to create real depth in her art. Not only that but I totally love the subject she focuses her work on - botanicals (including some lovely Kew Garden spots) and architectural patterns. You can have prints or originals for a very affordable price. And look at the initials that would look ace in any kids bedroom. For more details on how to buy take a look here.

4. Thomas Whitcombe

Looking for something a little different and a little quirky? Then check out Thomas' prints inspired by nature and then he adds a bit of quirky joy. What's not to love! I bumped into my friend here who was buying a print and I love the vintage sepia tone to his work. To view more of his work click here.

5. Hazel Nicholls

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll be very familiar with this lovely lady and her colourful home that featured on the blog a few months ago. It was great to see her selling her word-art screen prints. You can have a nosy around her home here and if you need a print I think there's one that would suit ANY room (but the bright colours look especially good in kid's bedrooms). Her work has a really positive feel to them and I think that a bit of warmth and goodness is what is needed in the world right now...

6. Luke Agbaimoni

In the same location as Hazel you could also purchase some interesting street photography taken in and around Catford. These would be such a lovely addition to a local home or if you're leaving London and need a little memory to take with you. See more of Luke's portfolio here.

He is also involved in a project called Tube Mapper which has encouraged him to develop work about travelling by train and buses through London which is definitely a quintessential experience of being a Londoner. 


I really enjoyed meeting the host  Ellie Weidman at this location (who was generously serving prosecco!) and happens to be Luke's wife. She is also an interior designer so I thought I'd share a few snaps of her fabulous home. Check out that cooker and the magnificent pendant light over the dining table!

7. Catherine Woodhouse

Okay so strictly speaking this isn't something for your walls but I couldn't resist sharing these sweet little ceramic pots and vases to place small cuttings or cactus plants in. As I've been pondering recently about the lack of plants in my house and why and how I like to add green tones in the actual decor through tiles, paint and wallpaper, these little vases are perfect for me! Inspired Catherine!

Thank you to all the artists who invited me into their home so warmly and for openly sharing their creative journey and process with me. Hope our paths meet again some day! It's amazing to be part of such a creative and friendly community. You'll be glad to know that if you don't live anywhere near London you don't have to miss out. You can contact any of these artists online and get hold of their work!

If you fancy winning a print for you home by a local artist then hop over to my Instagram page. A botanical inspired pencil drawing could be yours by Charlotte Argyrou. It ends Friday 6th October at 8am. You got to be in it to win it!

Kelda Storm

Kelda Storm

DISCLAIMER: All photography by moi. 

This is Room Service!

This is Room Service!

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