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Come take a peek if you need to breathe some colour and creativity into your home. Let me help you create rooms that you love and that really reflects who you are through my award-nominated blog or working with me one-to-one through Room Service. I adore photography and all images here have been taken by me. Keep in touch so you don’t miss a thing…

This is Room Service!

This is Room Service!

I'm so very excited to be finally sharing my new Interior Design service with the world! It's been something I've been planning for a long time now and I want to share why I'm so passionate about it and how it's come about.

A full blown interior design service (which is something that I can offer) is something that only the minority can afford but I wanted to create a service that everyone could have access to and create a home that really feels like home. I felt that there was a gap in the market for something like Room Service and the inspiration has come from my own experience as well as that of my friends and local families I've met who in their quest to have a larger property in a desirable area sacrifice comfort and end up with a home that needs a lot of work. And I believe it's worth it! We can even get excited about a concept for a room which encourages the motivation we need to make it happen and I felt that I can be that stepping stone. But what makes Room Service so unique and different I hear you ask? Well yes there are interior stylists that do provide a similar affordable service (often remotely and work from images and a Skype session without visiting the space) but I'm a strong believer that being in the room and how it makes you feel is a key step in the design process. You need to consider the relationship of the space to the people who will use it and become aware of the natural light and dimensions that make that room unique (you can hide and celebrate it's qualities accordingly). I also believe that the relationship between myself and my clients is integral to the creative process so a physical meeting in order to provide a personal service was something that had to be integrated into Room Service. But the most unique aspect to Room Service is that we start from moment of discovery of not just what style you like but going deeper into why you have a preference for a certain style and even why you may have a favourite colour. We'll look at where to start in that process and then integrate our discoveries into the rooms of your home. This is the beauty of the whole thing -  you're going to love the outcome of that room because it speaks so honestly about who you are!

“In a nutshell I want to enable creativity and pass on my experience.”
— Donna Ford, Founder of Skirting Boards and Chandeliers

I won't go into the minor details of why I've changed career from dance to interiors (if you're interested in that crazy journey and want to see embarrassing pictures of me have a read here) but I'm discovering that my experience as a performer, choreographer, arts manager, teacher and mentor have prepared me perfectly to launch this new venture. Dancers besides their fierce creativity have a refined sense of spatial awareness and the more I discover about philosophies of architecture and the psychology of colour I'm realising that there is a natural connection in these industries. Not only is the composition process similar to me but the attention to detail and imagining the arrangement of bodies on stage links to what I really believe about interior design - that we are really concerned with how people are in their space. And that what our homes are - our space!

Just be print in bathroom

So without further ado here are 10 reasons why you might need Room Service (if not now then maybe at some point in the future) and how it can help you in more ways than you could imagine...

1. Any room in any state

Your room can be at ANY stage of it's design journey when you decide you may need a helping hand. Maybe you've added new rooms to your house through renovating and you want to nail the design before the major decisions need to be made such as where will the radiators go (to decide plumbing) or interesting lighting plans where the electrician can chase wires into the wall. Or maybe you've just moved into your property and you can't bear the decor and need a quick transformation. Or maybe you've put the decorating off for too long now and enough is enough. I'm able to help incorporate existing items but we can also have a bit of a 'room edit' and get rid of any unnecessary or unwanted items . Everyone's needs will be different and regardless of the design stage you are at, together we can accentuate a room’s best features

E81A2248Renovation.jpgAny room any state

2. Making decisions

One of the things that I'm being told by my friends time and time again is that after a short conversation with someone who is interested in interiors (usually me!) they feel confident to make decisions and I'm surprised how quickly that enables them to go out straight away and buy what they need and put an action plan in place. Sometimes you're stuck between two themes and struggling to narrow down colours for the wall? Other times we're consumed about which tile compliments the kitchen cupboards best or what soft furnishings will finish off the room to its full glory! Collaboration with an experienced interiors geek like me ensures that those all important decisions are made and that you won't regret those choices later on. Think of me as an interior friend or mentor or coach helping you achieve your room goals...

3. Fresh perspective

My experience in interior design + my creative mind = options you would have never dreamed of! I’ll give you a fresh web of ideas to ponder...

4. Save time on sourcing

I expertly source your materials from online and local suppliers, so your time and energy can be put to better use. Let me find an effective cure to those storage headaches! Additionally, my bargain hunting skills will ensure that you save on products and stay within budget. You'll have someone to be accountable to and help you stay on track!

Chair and Lightbulb on ceiling

5. Forget the trends!

I don’t follow trends! If you like a current trend or are inspired by one that's great but it's good to question WHY you like it so that you know in a couple of years time when it's gone out of fashion you will still love it. All suggestions I make will be tailored to suit your unique style – I want your personality to shine through.

6. Vision

Sometimes it can be hard to take risks or try something new because it can be so difficult to visualise those ideas in your specified room but my ability to visualise the finished space will ensure you feel more confident in the design from day one. A mood board can also help you imagine our new ideas for that old room. I think it's through doing up so many rooms of my own (and making a few mistakes along the way!) that allows me to instinctively know if an idea or colour scheme will work or not but I also think my staging and imagination skills in choreography help me to really picture the potential of a room.

7. My experience

After 8 years of DIY and decorating, and 3 major renovations, I have hundreds of professional design tips to share, bargains to be had and mistakes to avoid. I'll also share those little tricks and interior hacks that I've discovered and now implement in every room to give it a finished professional look. Somehow we have become 'those people' who are constantly DIY-ing and part of the reason for that is the satisfaction of doing it ourselves as well as the money we save along the way. It's become a way of life for us and I'm sure that on some level it's because as a child my husband John was always living on a building site as his architect Dad was constantly building them a new house with his own bare hands (and still is post-retirement in the South of France). It's his dad that I have to thank that he's so 'handy' too!

Decorating ladder and paintings

8. Attention to detail

Attention to detail is something that I believe can really make or break a room! These small decisions are the things that probably aren't even perceived consciously by anyone who enters the space but really make all that difference. Touch points such as light switches and handles and even banisters have so much potential.  And door hinges, my husband never stops banging on about them! My blog is called Skirting Boards and Chandeliers partly because of my obsession for skirting boards so architraves and woodwork are something else that needs to be considered carefully in the design process.

Donna Ford Styling

9. Motivation and excitement for the project

No more procrastination! Rather than feeling that decorating is a hassle I want to help you find the motivation to not only get going but enjoy the whole process of creating your home. From small adjustments to large reworks, together we’ll reclaim your creative mojo. I think this is the result of Room Service that my clients never fail to be surprised by!

10. Wellbeing of being in a space that you've created and reflects you

Why bother at all with improving your rooms!? Probably the most important aspect of the whole process for me is that I deeply believe that our homes are important spaces for not only what we do in them but who we can become. And to enter the creative design process, basing your decisions after discovering your own style not only boosts your wellbeing but you will feel empowered and gain long-term fulfilment. Especially when you really love and enjoy being in your new space!

So there you have it! I hope Room Service makes more sense now you have an idea of the process behind it but what I'm really excited about is how different and diverse the design journey will be with each client. As we marry my expertise with who you are, we can create something special and unique. The importance is that we are focussing on a specific room and that we are most concerned with YOUR story. So I invite you to hop over and take a look at the two packages, Room Story and Room Source. Would love to hear what your thoughts!

Best of all, Room Story starts at an introductory rate of £85... What’s not to love?!

Paint your room in a day!

Paint your room in a day!

Wall Inspiration from Catford Arts Trail

Wall Inspiration from Catford Arts Trail