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Home and Away: An interiors lover in Barcelona

With less than 48 hours in the incredible Barcelona, I was stunned by the design inspiration around every corner. It’s a European city brimming over with creativity (maybe why it’s one of my favourites) and when you look at the great Modernist artists it’s inspired, it’s easy to see why it’s a special city. There was a unifying theme that connected all the places we visited so have a read to discover my design inspiration from this trip. I will definitely be going back again soon…

Making Space: Creating home around us

How do we consider the space around us and why is that important for our homes? Agnes from Room to Grow London helps address these issues and helps us how to think about our homes and renovations in a slightly different light. I'm hoping it helps you in whatever stage you are in your renovations but especially if you are in the planning of an extension to your home.