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Colour Story: Lilac

Purple is probably not your go-to colour for your next interiors project but I’m here to try and convince you that the soft and subtle shade of lilac is a really versatile colour and works quite well as a neutral. I’m giving plenty of examples for each room from kitchens, to dressing rooms to bedrooms and lounges and as with all my Colour Story blogs there is a little bit of science as well as my own associations thrown in there too. Enjoy!

How I chose my Kitchen Cabinets: Planning colour & Style with Naked Doors

Picking the kitchen cabinets is definitely one of the most important decisions you make when designing a new kitchen and I’m here to talk you through how I arrived at quite a creative yet affordable way of doing it. Naked Doors are a great place to start for upcycling your Ikea cabinets or if you’re renovating a brand new kitchen like us. Read how I got on…

Why I'm Reading Love Colour by Anna Starmer

A book for all colour lovers out there and a great tool to help you be a little more courageous with colour in your home. I’ve reviewed this brilliantly colourful book on the blog and am happy to report that it resonates with all my thoughts about approached to room design and the important role that colour plays in creating the right mood for your rooms. Get a sneak peek inside the book here!

Colour Story: Yellow

Yellow is such a fun and happy colour but can it really enhance our well-being? And if so can I paint the walls or are there other options? All your questions answered here. Yellow is a great colour so discover some shades and ideas you may not of thought of yet. Yellow room inspiration just for you!