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Colour story: Embracing neon in our homes!

It might seem like a crazy idea having neon in your home whether on the walls or in the accessories but I say why not! It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but if you have a read you’ll see why it’s a crucial part of my unique decorating style. I’ve included one of the best ways you can find your own style and why that’s so important to create the room of your dreams. Oh and there are some neon room images which some of you are going to LOVE!

Why I'm Reading Love Colour by Anna Starmer

A book for all colour lovers out there and a great tool to help you be a little more courageous with colour in your home. I’ve reviewed this brilliantly colourful book on the blog and am happy to report that it resonates with all my thoughts about approached to room design and the important role that colour plays in creating the right mood for your rooms. Get a sneak peek inside the book here!