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Colour Story: Lilac

Purple is probably not your go-to colour for your next interiors project but I’m here to try and convince you that the soft and subtle shade of lilac is a really versatile colour and works quite well as a neutral. I’m giving plenty of examples for each room from kitchens, to dressing rooms to bedrooms and lounges and as with all my Colour Story blogs there is a little bit of science as well as my own associations thrown in there too. Enjoy!

My home plans for 2019 (and why it's okay to take your time)...

Here are my 2019 plans for my home. Wallpaper is making a strong presence and I am optimistic that I can complete these rooms by the end of the year. I’m also discussing why some projects seem to take forever to complete. And that’s when you have a concept and a vision for the space and yet things seem to get in the way. However, if we can get to the bottom of why we’re procrastinating then it can be possible to start to make some progress and even enjoy the slow burn of things coming together in you home!