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Why I'm still blogging after two years?

Yes two years on I am still blogging as Skirting Boards & Chandeliers which has also evolved into a thriving business so I thought it a good idea to take stock and reflect on my favourite moments of the last 12 months and where I’m heading in the next few months. I’m also sharing 10 things I’ve learnt that might help someone starting their own business and blog that I wish I’d know at the beginning. Enjoy and let me know what you’d like to write about next too!

Journey Home: Charlie’s Victorian Haven

We all love a nosy inside someone’s home and I am back with my ‘Journey Home’ series with a gorgeous local home. Charlie’s life oozes creativity and I love that she challenges my views on good design and concepts such as using white on the walls and starting a room scheme from an unconventional place. I learnt so much through understanding her creative process and I love her use of colour. Hope you enjoy a peek inside Charlie’s Victorian haven!

Colour Story: White (and why it’s never going on my walls!)

We all use white in our homes but do we do it because it's the best option or because we aren't sure what else to do! Here are some of my very personal thoughts on decorating with white and how we can do it more successfully! There are some top tips on getting to grips and understanding our own style too which for me is the secret to great design and creating rooms that we love. This is the first in a whole series where I am going to be putting the spotlight on different colours...