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What’s all this fuss about tidying up? And who is Marie Kondo?

It’s the show that everyone is talking about and I keep seeing things popping up on Facebook ranging from adoring fans to raging comments. So I’m here to give my thoughts and own experience of her signature KonMari Method as well as discuss some of the shortfalls. At the end of the day decluttering has a positive affect on our minds so it’s worth seeing what you can implement for yourself. I don’t think you’ll look back once you start…

Journey Home: Charlie’s Victorian Haven

We all love a nosy inside someone’s home and I am back with my ‘Journey Home’ series with a gorgeous local home. Charlie’s life oozes creativity and I love that she challenges my views on good design and concepts such as using white on the walls and starting a room scheme from an unconventional place. I learnt so much through understanding her creative process and I love her use of colour. Hope you enjoy a peek inside Charlie’s Victorian haven!

Where do you start designing a Kitchen?

The kitchen is by far the hardest room to design in your home. There is so much to consider and fit into a desired space. Then there is choosing all the materials not to mention the colours that you want to use so it feels uniquely yours. Follow my journey through making our decisions and it might make help your own design journey a little easier. I can't wait for this dark, moody shaker-inspired kitchen to be fully functional in our 1930s home. Watch this space...