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Choosing my kitchen sink and tap with Olif

If you’ve been following my renovation you’ll know that it’s taken a while to get to this point but I’m excited to share my kitchen tap and sink from Olif that is one of the favourite things in my kitchen. Get some ideas of some more creative yet affordable ideas for your kitchen and see our journey from original idea to finished sink. Hope you love it as much as I do!

How I chose my Kitchen Cabinets: Planning colour & Style with Naked Doors

Picking the kitchen cabinets is definitely one of the most important decisions you make when designing a new kitchen and I’m here to talk you through how I arrived at quite a creative yet affordable way of doing it. Naked Doors are a great place to start for upcycling your Ikea cabinets or if you’re renovating a brand new kitchen like us. Read how I got on…

Making Space: Creating home around us

How do we consider the space around us and why is that important for our homes? Agnes from Room to Grow London helps address these issues and helps us how to think about our homes and renovations in a slightly different light. I'm hoping it helps you in whatever stage you are in your renovations but especially if you are in the planning of an extension to your home. 

Where do you start designing a Kitchen?

The kitchen is by far the hardest room to design in your home. There is so much to consider and fit into a desired space. Then there is choosing all the materials not to mention the colours that you want to use so it feels uniquely yours. Follow my journey through making our decisions and it might make help your own design journey a little easier. I can't wait for this dark, moody shaker-inspired kitchen to be fully functional in our 1930s home. Watch this space...

Kid's Room Grand Reveal!

Well here it is. The grand reveal of my son's monochrome bedroom with a triangular mountain mural framing the bed and mint green on the ceiling and wall. It's so super cosy in there and even has a gallery wall. Inspired by Where the Wild Things Are and painted solely in Valspar paint, this is definitely my favourite room in our home now! Have a peek at my kid's bedroom, designed by me Donna Ford, Skirting Boards and Chandeliers.