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How to create a colourful triangle MURAL on your wall!

How to create a colourful triangle MURAL on your wall!

Do you remember Cath? Newer readers probably won't as she featured on one of my very first blog posts. Cath is a dear friend of mine and she let me have a nosy around her house for my 'Journey Home' series which set out to look at ideas and approaches to making home and to understand how unique and meaningful our homes really are. You can read it all about her family home here! I haven't written a 'Journey Home' post for a while but I have a corker of one coming soon. Watch this space!

Anyway, I basically visit her home every week and love seeing all the new touches she brings to it since her renovation a couple of years ago. I've been excited watching how the kitchen has evolved especially since she had made the addition of a painted geometric mural on the main wall creating a real feature. I love how it has turned out and thought my readers would love to learn a bit about the inspiration and process behind it in case you might want to get a little creative and try it yourselves. I'm going to hand to over to Cath...

Cath's bedroom

Cath's bedroom

How would you describe your interior style? And how did you discover it!

Hmm this is a tricky one to put into words but I guess I love clean, clear, tidy, light, airy, modern rooms with a bit of French style thrown in there too. Maybe that sounds like a bit of a contradiction but I love the final look so I guess it works! My house would probably be more minimalist if I didn't have four kids running around. In terms of discovering my style I'm not really sure how that happened. I think I just know what I like and stay true to that. I always seem to be drawn to the same kind of thing and think that Pinterest is great for finding your own style as you see over time the pattern of what you are instinctively drawn to. Pinterest is where a lot of inspiration for my home has come from but I always try to personalise the ideas I see to make it more individual and unique to me. 

Where did the idea for the triangles come from?

  Made's Axle Cushion

  Made's Axle Cushion

I love geometric shapes and triangles and I wanted to do something interesting with the main wall in our kitchen to brighten it up a bit. We extended the back of our house a couple of years ago and the new kitchen is mostly white (white walls and cupboards) so I felt it needed some colour in there for a bit of contrast.

I decided to paint rather than wallpaper because when I'm ready for a change I can just paint over it. I love pale blush pink and grey so I started with that. I was inspired by a made.com cushion in my lounge and that inspired me to add the dark emerald green colour to the mural idea. Four of the colours are already used in other rooms in my home so I just had to get some new tester pots which kept the cost of this project down.

Can you describe the process? Where did you start?

After I had my idea I got prepared by getting all the bits together that I would need:

Tester pots of emulsion paint (all Valspar)

Small rollers and roller tray

Small brush

Dust sheets

Frog Tape

I didn't have a clear idea of how the finished wall would look, it was a bit more instinctive than that and was trial and error really. I literally just started making triangle shapes on the wall with frog tape and made adjustments as I went along until I was happy with how it looked! I took photos of it as I went and kept tweaking it until I felt happy with it.

The next step was to paint the light colours first like the soft greys and pinks. I really didn't want gaps between the coloured triangles so I kept having to move the tape so the colours would touch each other. This was a little bit fiddly and my top tip is that I'd recommend using a really good quality masking tape like the yellow frog tape. It's really brilliant for fresh paint! Also when applying the paint with the brush to the edges where the tape sits, don't overload the brush. And the the most important thing? Take off the frog tape whilst the paint is wet otherwise you may pull some of the paint off the wall (especially if it's freshly plastered). With each colour use the brush to paint the edges first and then the small roller to blend as much as you can to get rid of the brush strokes.

How easy was it to accomplish the wall mural?

It was actually pretty easy to be honest. The hardest part of the whole process was making the decisions about the colour and shape of the triangles and how to the arrange the colours so they contrasted and complimented each other in a balanced way. I spent a lot of time standing back and looking at the wall!


How does it enhance the kitchen space? How do you feel when you see it each morning?

I really love that it grabs your attention as you walk into the room and that it seems to make the the wall appear much taller. I love the dark green emerald colour - I'm so glad I added that into the mix. I think it's a fun wall that reflects me and my family and it makes the kitchen more unique and personal to me. The kitchen isn't just a functional space but a room we spend a lot of time in as a family and it really adds a lot of warmth to the room. I also enjoy that the wall looks different at different times of day, the light makes it look different . Sometimes it looks more pink...

And Here is the finished feature wall...

What do you think? Are you inspired to give it a go yourself? I love that the nuances of light as the shadows move and shift throughout the day make the wall take on a whole new dimension. I also love that Cath went outside her comfort zone going for something so bold, especially the darker green colour (which works so well in my opinion) and also the fact that all the people who live in the household are represented as their colours can be also found in their bedroom or on what they wear. Such a clever idea and so fun that it all came from a cushion. Thanks so much for sharing with us Cath! 

Yours in colour and creativity,

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