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Dear Santa… An interiors lover’s gift guide 2019

Dear Santa… An interiors lover’s gift guide 2019

Well santa’s sleigh will soon be soaring across our skies and I think I’ve just got enough time to share my last blog of the year and send my christmas wishlist to Father Christmas. Most of the items on my list this year are things that I love and desire for my home and some of them are just too good to keep to keep to myself! As you know I don’t share that many product posts because my goal for interiors and my perspective towards the while concept of home is much more about intention, feeling and resourcefulness and not necessarily about buying new things all the time. BUT I also love promoting small independant brands that I’ve discovered and want to share them with you to inspire you in case you’re a bit stuck for some present ideas. I’m sure you’ve heard the little anecdote that when you buy from a small local business that they do a happy dance. I love imagining that scene!

1. a Positive planner

As the year comes to a close I always become quite reflective and start to really think about the year that has just passed as well as my goals for the following year. I usually entrust my future planning to Mr Moleskine (it has to be this weekly planner) and adore the layout of one week view with notes on the side where the things that aren’t allocated to a specific day rest until I find some time to accomplish them. I’ve been using this exact layout for years and it works well for me (heaven forbid I ever lose him!) but after doing a workshop with Ali, one of the co-founders from the Positive Planner and her gentle, creative approach to life, I’d love to give this diary a go. Could it help me be more productive and has it the potential to change my mood and perspective on a daily basis? I’d love to find out. The reason that this is on my interiors wishlist is that it could potentially be a great tool in growing the work I do and help me achieve a more holistic balance of life but this bright cheery yellow would also look good on any coffee table.

positive planner.jpg

If this sounds like your thing, then I would totally recommend the Positive Planning workshop that I attended a few months ago to get clarity and direction by setting positive goals and allowing your creativity to take root through mood-boarding and other activities on the day. I had a great day and love Laura Oldfield (Power of Mum) and Ali’s creative approach to life and their commitment to nurturing well-being (both these resonate with me and my blog) so this could also be a great gift for someone. To book your place on the workshop you can book here. See my images below from my time with the positive planners…

2. Max made me do it!

This lady is taking the interiors world by storm at the minute not only with her colourful prints but also her colourful, creative and daring approach to interiors here in leafy SE London. Her period home oozes retro delights with a little bit of industrial style and lots of great green and pink combinations (you really need to take a look at her Insta feed). You can see why I love this home as it resonates with my own style but enough about her gorgeous rooms, her prints are the thing on my Christmas list this year. There is a colourful beauty to her work that is a little bit retro and reaches deep into the heart. Her children’s initial prints are super cute but I’m after something from her new Wild Words collection. These prints would make a great visual reminder of mantras for living and I am planning to put the ‘Be wild but always be kind’ on my hallway to send me off every day and remind me to be daring and courageous but full of love and kindness.

wild words.jpg
wild words.jpg

3. Conscious creativity

There are quite a few books I have been meaning to read for a while (I can’t get enough of self-development and understanding the human psyche) and I am completely dying to read Conscious Creativity since discovering Philippa Stanton on Instagram. Her colourful and exuberant little squares and curated aesthetic photography only gives an insight I feel into what to expect from the book. Creativity is a huge value in my life and I love how much I’m learning about it at the minute both in my own life, through my work and those around me and I’m assuming that this book will offer practical steps on how to introduce it into our everyday lives. I want to become more mindful to the beauty around me and allow myself time to be creative. Just for the sake of it not because it’s work or because I have to but for the pure joy and process. I’m so excited what these pages has to teach me. You can buy a signed copy of the book directly from Phillipa’s website here.

conscious creativity.jpg

4. Fringed lamp

I think I have the Girl with the Green Sofa to thank for introducing me to the wonder that is Beau Vamp but I am fallen hard for these fringed lamps. If you remember my Boardwalk Empire inspired bedroom, you can see that these would fit perfectly with the early 1920s dark, moody decor that I am planning for that room but I also love the colour combinations and especially adore the ombre fringing. These are definitely a more luxurious purchase and I’m not sure that with Brexit and everything that Santa’s budget can stretch this far. But a girl can hope! Have a look at the whole range here.


5. Octopus candle holder

octopus candlestick.jpg

Have you heard of Audenza? Well these guys curate interesting and indulging home accessories with a hint of the quirky and for a pretty good price too. I think this fun, gold candlestick could add a little bit of quirkiness and glamour to the dullest sideboard or dining table. I showed this to my son Jack and he loved it! Nothing else needs to be said if a five-year old approves of a gold candlestick. You can buy it here but why not check out their most loved items too while you’re there. They also have a great range for gifts under the £30 mark here.

6. New Dinner set

With the kitchen renovation nearing an end, our dinning table is in desperate need of some sparkly new plates etc. Sadly all our Debenhams John Rocha dinnerware that we received as a wedding present has all smashed (is 10 years too long to expect plates to last?) and we have been eating off some very old plates that we bought 12 years ago on Deptford High Street. That and the kids IKEA plastic plates (I kid you not!) so the time has come to upgrade and give some attention to new kitchen items. I knew I wanted something on the dark side, especially after eating at Tom Dixon’s restaurant the other week (but basically my budget for the whole set would buy me probably only one of his plates!) and I was deliberating between Denby and West Elm. West Elm isn’t a small brand, it is a high street shop that some of you may not have encountered and if you love mid-century style then you need to know about it! Here’s the set I’m hoping that santa might slip under the Christmas tree (would love some gold cutlery too Father Christmas if you have any?)

Really love this reactive glaze dinnerware set from  West Elm . It’s got a bit of a retro feel and looks great with gold cutlery…

Really love this reactive glaze dinnerware set from West Elm. It’s got a bit of a retro feel and looks great with gold cutlery…

7. Kitty McCall art

After a trip to the Ivy Cafe in Blackheath last week, where I was swooning at the colourful botanical art on the dark green walls, I was inspired to reacquaint myself with this lady and have fallen in love all over again with her prints. I’ve realised that when it comes to art I have my own preferences and I am all about either moody atmospheric abstract art, full of emotion and intrigue or vibrant, neon geometric compositions. Both of which I want more of in my house. Here’s the bright and colourful option…

Check out the full range  here

Check out the full range here

8. Kelda Storm art

I met this local artist at Catford Arts Trail last year. Her fun and playful approach to print-making satisfies my love of fluorescent colours and having seen these in the flesh they are a great size to brighten up any wall. Find out more about the artist here or follow her on Instagram.


9. House Curious kitchen treats

The time is coming for the kitchen to be completed early in 2019 and I have to say that I am dying to share it with you and I know that I’m going to need some accessories to make it shine. And where else to look than the boutique lifestyle store of House Curious for some designer salt, rapeseed oil and gold spoons. If you haven’t heard of this online store yet then you are not just missing a trick for beautiful gifts but also some inspiring interiors design from Sommer. It’s one of my favourite isntagram homes with its mix of dark, luxurious period rooms as well as an inspiring open plan kitchen and beautiful landscaped garden. Summer use of texture and colour to create atmosphere is just exquisite.

All items available from the House Curious website via  Kitchen Accessories  and  The Pantry

All items available from the House Curious website via Kitchen Accessories and The Pantry

10. Another book!

I’m really looking forward to delving into this book, partly because of the title that enthuses you to do exactly as it says and secondly because I have some of Emily Henson’s other books and they do not disappoint. The imagery is always captivating and I am excited about learning a little more about what it takes for us to be a lot more courageous in our decorating decisions. I’m discovering that I am a maximalist at heart and even though my home isn’t quite there yet, boy do I have plenty of ideas to get me there!

Some pages from Be Bold by Emily Henson - you can buy it  here .

Some pages from Be Bold by Emily Henson - you can buy it here.

If you wish to send someone a more personalised gift of colour and creativity, I’m giving a little discount on Room Service to all my readers as I would love to give you guys the gift of decision-making for your own homes, my knowledge plus the joy of understanding your own decorating style so you can achieve that dream room in 2019. All Room Service packages will have 15% off if booked before 31st December with dates booked in before March 2019. January is looking pretty full so get in touch before all the dates are gone.

Looking back at my wishlist last year (you can browse it here) I am glad to say that Santa read the blog and delivered a few things on the list and some of the rest I bought for myself throughout the year. In spite of all the items here I always come back to the famous festive words of Mariah Carey - “All I want for Christmas is you!” My precious family around me and having a good old rest after a busy year is all I need and I’m pretty sure that Father Christmas can deliver that!

All that’s left to say is that I truly wish that your homes (whether dressed to perfection or a bit rough around the edges with renovation work or incomplete rooms) is filled with true joy and peace. That’s all that really matters isn’t it? See you in the 2019 with lots of new ideas and inspiration for your home so that you can infuse it with colours that bring you joy and your unique creativity,

Donna x.jpg
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