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Dear Santa... My interior wishlist

Dear Santa... My interior wishlist

I'm feeling semi-prepared for Christmas this year with the tree up and the kids presents pretty much sorted! Although there are a few crafts that I want to do next week and need to get my cards sorted, oh and the international post sent! However I have had just enough time between coats of paint (you need to follow me on  Instagram to see my decorating diary) to write my own list to Santa. This year rather than lots of stuff for myself, I have my eye on some nice (and some necessary) things for my home. I thought you might be interested in some of the independent and local businesses that I love supporting.

1. A bit of Frida

These have been on my wishlist for a while now since I spied these at So Last Century in the spring but I still think that this gorgeous Frida print lampshade would look fabulous on one of my black lampstands with my dark blue walls and red velvet curtains as a back drop. Definitely my favourite design from Harvest Moon Lamps but there are also some gorgeous palm prints too and tall floor rocket lamps which are so mid-century. And they cost less than £50 including a vintage lamp base.

Harvest moons lamps Frida Kahlo

2. A unicorn with a drill!

How much fun is this! This little print has been on my mind since I met Daniela Fox the other weekend at Lee Open Studios. That visit coincided with a day when we were doing DIY at home and reminded me of the boys who are always so eager to help and so therefore are getting their own plastic drills for Christmas. Daniela creates her own lino cut designs and then presses them onto the paper. She has lots of other more colourful designs too and I loved the green swans too. I would love this either in my new to-be study or in Jack's new monochrome bedroom on his gallery wall.

Lee Open Studios Unicorn with a drill!

3. Botanical with a twist

I've been after some botanical prints for a while but when I saw these I knew this is what I wanted for my hall to compliment my other bright pink print for the entrance hall. These wonderfully unique prints by Basil and Ford are created using pages from vintage flower books and hand screen printed in neon pink ink with modern typography overlaid on top of the image. And basically when you buy it's a lucky dip as no two are the same as every page has a different rose design. Yes please!


4. Dr Zeuss?!

Have you read ‘Oh! The Places You’ll Go!'. If not give it a read. His clever and witty rhyming text delivers a hauntingly inspiring speech (to adults probably more than kids) about the true reality of 'life' and to be honest neither my husband and I can read it to the kids without getting a bit choked up. Thanks to my lovely friend who bought it as  a present for our son's dedication it's now a firm family favourite. I adore this print from Sophie Ward Studios which references this amazing book and can see it on our landing or in the hall as a reminder about 'The waiting place' (you really need to go have a read!)

This fine art, exhibition quality giclée print is printed onto heavy-weight textured paper, resistant to colour fading and is a limited edition signed and numbered fine art print from Sophie's first solo show OH! She describes it herself as exploring the existential anxiety felt by women today, using traditionally feminine, bubblegum aesthetics and dreamy, neglected signage to portray darker undertones.


5. London or California?

Another amazing local find from Lee Open studios is a little penguin from Kim Viner. Out of all of her work this image really made an impression on me. I think it's because I have such happy memories of visiting the zoo as child and then as an adult with my children and I love the Hockney inspired feel of this. The penguin on the right draws your eye right to the middle of the image and I also love the Brighton architecture on the left as it's one of my favourite places to visit (and where I'm off to this weekend). 

E81A1218Lee Open Studios.jpg

6. Forget Le cruset!

I was also so chuffed to discover this local pottery artist Sarah Wygas who has an eye for simple and elegant yet interesting design and she assured me that the plates are fired to such a high temperature that they are microwave and dishwasher safe. Winner! I love that this is beautiful and more unique alternative to Le Cruset and not really any more expensive. I can really picture a collection of her wares on the scaffolding shelves in the new kitchen.

sarahwygas.jpgSarah Wygas Pottery

7. Lego Storage

Ok so this is on my list but these have actually already been purchased for my son and will be given to him wrapped up on Christmas morning. Maybe a bit of a boring present for a young boy?? Not if there is NEW lego inside! 


8. Home magazine subscription 

I've realised recently that it has been years since I purchased any home magazines and it would be quite nice to be able to flick through some pages rather than scrolling through my phone. An exciting new discovery is the stylish and beautifully photographed 91 magazine but these are only bi-annual (but don't have the latest one Santa!) so I'm thinking for a subscription I'd love Elle Decoration with its bold ideas or maybe a more down to earth Living Etc. 

Image credit  Caroline Rowland

Image credit Caroline Rowland

9. Ali Joe designs

For something completely different but wonderfully stylish is some wall plate art from Ali Joe. The mix of vintage and a quirky art is right up my 'alley' (such a bad pun!). I love the story of how her business came about too and it's fair to say that it's a cleverly unique idea. So glad to have found this little treasure on Instagram. I have my eye on this mint green beauty as it would look pretty sweet in my bathroom with the mint green crackle glazed metro tiles.

Ali Joe.jpegAli Joe Design Wall Art mint green

I'm realising that there are a lot of art in this list but that reflects how many wonderful artists I have discovered and had the pleasure of meeting this year. If you asked me 12 months ago I didn't really have a clue where to start in buying art for my home and assumed that original art would be two expensive. I think it's clear to say that now I have a passion for sourcing unique prints and wall items and am realising that I like art that have a sense of fun about them and also a bit of vintage character. And as I'm always banging on about it, I think that is really part of my own personality and who I am so of course that's going to emerge in the decisions I make for my home!

The beauty about art is that you can add personality and fun to your home so easily, even if you rent your property (command strips on the wall or leaning images if holes in the wall are a no-no from the landlord) and it can be really affordable. For more tips on choosing art have a read of one of my first blog posts here and  if you need ideas on how to hang art have a look here

So there it is! I'd love to know what you think and if you have a favourite on my list. Don't be shy and comment below. What's on your Christmas list and have you been naughty or nice?!

Donna x

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post, I'm just sharing what I love and what I think you will too. Cover photograph by John Ford (AKA Mr Skirting) from last year (and yes those munchkins are my boys).

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