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Kid's Bedroom Update Including Curtains for less than £60!

Kid's Bedroom Update Including Curtains for less than £60!

Do you remember the kids bedroom reveal back in November last year? (Here it is if you missed it). It's the only finished room in our extension (which started exactly a year ago!) but something has been seriously lacking since then - curtains! I'd been using a travel gro-blind which did a great job of keeping the light out well but to be honest the room never felt completed without the window frame dressed. Also I had to bring the gro-blind down if I wanted to open the window which was a pain. I've also been dying to get some curtains up as I know it does a great job of dampening the echoes in a room that doesn't have carpet (we have an OSB floor in there which you can read about here) and generally curtains make a room more cosy. Here's the room back in November when it was completed and I think you'll agree the walls seem a bit bare...

Sourcing curtains

I always find sourcing affordable curtains a really tricky job. In the past we have spent quite a few hundred pounds on tailor-made curtains (not even floor length ones) and not even designer fabric either. Rather than going directly to a big department store which charge extortionate prices I'm learning that getting curtains made up is the best way to have a wide range of choice of material. Choose a great fabric and then get it made up by someone locally. Personally, I'm going to start making my own on my trusty sewing machine. I've missed that old friend and had forgotten just how much I love sewing and how therapeutic I find it!

After saying all that, in this circumstance where I was looking for fun yet not too tacky kid's curtains I fell upon a happy coincidence and found some ready-made curtains for the boy's bedroom. Having visited Hazel's home who featured on the blog last year I took a fancy to her retro, cat curtains from IKEA of all places! I loved the scandi, monochrome, playful feel and really felt they'd work well in the space. I then forgot about all this until I was in IKEA a couple of months ago when we were  buying our kitchen cupboard carcasses and nabbed them towards the end of the infinite homeware maze for only £20. Yes! Such a bargain and in a full length drop so almost the right dimensions.

A few amendments...

One of the issues I had was that the curtains were too long to work in this room. Yes I know that one of my mantras is that long curtains work in any room to make it feel taller and grander but this particular bedroom has quite a low ceiling and quite a boxy feel, plus the small radiator is just under the window and so the curtains wouldn't sit flush against the wall. At £20 though I had no qualms about getting my scissors out to cut the length, hem them and add some blackout lining (with some fabric leftover to make some cushions). You can actually buy some ready-made blackout lining in a range of dimensions from Dunelm which just hook on to your existing curtains. So handy! 

Kids bedroom update - Donna Ford Bedtime books for kids

But how can I get them to sleep well?

Now I'd sorted the size of the curtains, my next dilemma was how to attach them to the wall to keep the light out as I didn't want the early morning sunshine to wake up the boys at the crack of dawn. This is every mothers nightmare! My boys are actually very obedient to Mr Sun (that's a special kids clock called a gro-clock which changes colour to tell them when it's time to get up). I have it set to 7:15 and sometimes they play if they wake up early but I want to make sure they are asleep until that time so they are well rested.  I knew that getting the right curtain pole and fixings would also be crucial in making the room dark enough for this happen. I don't particularly like the look of blinds AND curtains together especially on a window this small (only 121 x 93cm) so I wanted to use blackout lining and somehow get the curtains to sit as flush to the wall as possible. IKEA came to the rescue again with their Racka curtain pole option (you need to buy the rings separately) which I've actually attached to the ceiling of the room. I think I've managed to make the room pretty dark but no so much that they can't tell its daytime or only be able to sleep in pitch black which does't happen when you're camping or staying at someone else's house!

The magical gro clock. I swear by it!

The magical gro clock. I swear by it!

Completed room!

So now the curtains are up and the room looks a lot more cosy and complete. Another little update was adding some triangle wall stickers from This Modern Life to give the illusion of wallpaper. I love the added dimension and depth this gives the room and I have to admit that I initially asked Jack to help me but then got a bit control freak that they were spaced out enough! If you're wondering where I got the battery-powered cotton cable lights, they were a steal at £5.99 from Lidl another little bargain and I love you can put them on a timer so the light switches off during the night.

You might have noticed an extra little bed in there? Since April the boys decided that they really wanted to share a room so we moved Ethan's little toddler bed in there (not completely convinced that the wood matches the OSB, but hey!) and I love tucking them both in together and see how it's helping them bond as brothers. Isn't is amazing the power of spaces to nurture relationships and bring a sense of well-being and balance? I'm really hoping that the rest of the rooms that we need to decorate (kitchen, reception room, master bedroom and my office) will bring the same joy and fulfilment into our lives.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about the updates and if you want to check out more kids bedroom ideas then see my blog 5 must-have for kids bedrooms here for tons of inspiration or even check out my 'Kool Kids' Pinterest Board below.

Yours in colour and creativity.

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Disclaimer: This isn't a sponsored post, I just love sharing my own journey in the hope that it helps and inspires you!.

Kids bedside table with ladybird book, stick and rabbit light
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