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Why I'm Reading Love Colour by Anna Starmer

Why I'm Reading Love Colour by Anna Starmer

You’ll probably be aware that I am a lover of beautiful interiors books not only for their aesthetic function in my rooms or coffee table but also for it’s juicy, never-disappointing content! Even in this digital age, for me print is not dead and I will continue to read and recommend those publications that have influenced and inspired me on my own design journey. I feel the same way about magazines and you can read my thoughts on that here.

How I stumbled upon Luminary Colour…

I first came across Anna Starmer as a colour expert via a talk at Chelsea Design Harbour that I sadly had to miss but made a point of clicking follow on Lumiary Colour on Instagram (my favourite social media for design inspiration) and was so delighted to see colourful and texture-rich images appear on my feed from Anna every day. Sometimes objects, at other times shades and textures from places around the globe, but always a depth of hue that spoke to my soul. So when the opportunity arose to review the book, I jumped at it! More than anything it gave me a reason to sit down and enjoy a book that may have otherwise had the poor fate of residing on the shelf gathering dust.     

The Instagram feed of Luminary Colour

The Instagram feed of Luminary Colour

The intention of the book

This year both in business and life I have made a lot of new discoveries about myself and the world around me and probably learnt more than any other year that I can remember but one thing that really sticks out is that I have become a pure and unadulterated colour geek! I revel in colours and have started to see them all around me. I’ve become more mindful of the nuances of shades of the changing leaves this autumn and revel in the intricate differences in mixing paint colours as well. When I’ve been lucky enough to meet and discuss these ideas with other colour-lovers on their own colour journey, the excitement is real! This is how I know that I have something unique and interesting to offer the interiors industry because I believe the education of colour and creativity is the tool that can empower others into decision making for their homes (and this is the heart of my blog and Room Service). In the opening pages of this book it became clear that the intention of Love Colour marries exactly with this philosophy and I couldn’t wait to keep turning the pages, nodding in agreement with one breath and gasping in revelation with another.

Love Colour by Anna Starmer

How the pages work?

The structure of the book is pleasing with a concise yet detailed introduction which then develops into creative suggestions and ideas of how to discover your own personal unique style and ways to respond to colours with the purpose of helping you choose the right ones for your rooms. There are interior design tips and tricks and explanations such as definitions of contrast and how and why it can be achieved in a scheme, as well as understanding hue and tint to align complimentary colours. Don’t feel intimidated, Anna explains with such clarity that it makes sense and easy to implement.

Image credit:  Luminary Colour

Image credit: Luminary Colour

Then after some of these practical tips and ways that you can discover your colour preferences the book divides into 10 colour sections and what makes this really unique is that it pairs surprising colours together for interesting schemes from around the world and explains why they work so well. I love this deeper consideration of how colours work and think this is one of the areas that people struggle with most in their homes. The thread that runs throughout the whole thing is that there are unexpected shades that work together beyond the obvious and I love this creativity of the book. I love experimenting and being surprised with what colours go together and it’s good to remember that in nature there are unlimited combinations, so it can pay off to take some inspiration from there.

I love that Anna talks us through considerations of light which is such a key element in our interiors. The four elements she mentions is natural, task, accent and ambient lighting which is a great way of approaching this subject. I also completely agree that the use of personal objects can weave our own personal narrative from room to room and this is a great chance to get really creative! Keep changing things around until you are happy with the arrangement (this is a great tip that I got from some magazine stylists and something that has helped me a lot in my own home). I think the whole book is just quite enlarging and opens your mind to the possibilities and the meaning behind what we are trying to do in our homes in order to reflect and impact our lives.

That’s not all!

Anna has included a little neat pocket at the back of the book where she has collated all the colours and hues from the book for you to personally use when shopping for paint, fabric or furniture to help marry up the right shades for your project. She suggests that you write on it, keep it handy and fold pages to match the colours and this neat little resource I think shows the depth of authenticity and clarity that Anna hopes to bring to the readers of her book.

Some more glorious images

Final Thoughts…

Well I hope that I have give you some food for thought and maybe a little thirsty to delve into Love Colour yourself. My biggest takeaway I think was the role that texture has to play in a room scheme and that by collecting coloured objects and other tactile things can be a great way to connect and be inspired by colours and how that can help to plan a room. It also really reiterates what has been on my mind recently that no colour exists in isolation and sometimes even two colours that work well together may need an additional hue to really make them sing.

A lovely synchronicity when working with a colour-loving client (such a joy when they come along!) was when she whipped out some fabric that she had lying around from India that caught her eye when we were flipping through Love Colour…

A lovely synchronicity when working with a colour-loving client (such a joy when they come along!) was when she whipped out some fabric that she had lying around from India that caught her eye when we were flipping through Love Colour…

I think this would make a perfect christmas present for someone struggling with inspiration for their interiors and those who just really love colour. I can’t praise the images enough! Reading this book has given me an even stronger conviction about my core beliefs about decorating and my approach to designing with colour and the ways that I can help others find their own style and translate that into their homes. Watch out 2019, I’m coming for ya!

Yours in creativity and colour,

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You can find Anna Starmer online here:

Website - https://www.annastarmer.com

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/luminary_colour/

(Disclaimer: I was gifted this book in exchange for a review but I’m not keen on the word ‘review’ because I don’t see myself as a critic but an encourager. To be honest I’m only ever going to create content about things that resonate with me and that I think will actually help you the reader discover colour and creativity and how you can implement ideas in your home).

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