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How to come up with a Room Concept and My Kid's Room Moodboard!

How to come up with a Room Concept and My Kid's Room Moodboard!

I've always loved designing rooms and even as a kid I can vividly remember getting excited when I got to re-arrange the furniture in my bedroom. Can you imagine the excitement when I turned 12 when I got to paint the top half of the walls yellow and the bottom cornflower blue with a floral border separating the two!? (I wish I had a photo to share). When I met John and realised that our first home together was a bit of a fixer-upper (cue my favourite Frozen song!) it ignited that passion again and since then decorating and designing spaces has become a way of life for us. Now that I've been doing this for about 9 years in my own homes, I've started to realise that I have a particular process when trying to come up with concept for a room and so before I share my moodboard for Jack's new bedroom, I thought an insight into my process might help you.

Pinning in the beginning

First I go to Pinterest. What I love about Pinterest is that it is basically a search engine for images that produces way better results than you'd get on google and often they'll lead to a blog with tips and advice or directly to the shop (if they have rich pins enabled). The other great thing is that you can save images to boards and the beauty of this is that you can just search and save as much as you like and then when you look at the whole board later, you should start to see a clear pattern or theme.  Just go on instinct and react to whether you like something or not. Maybe there is just a shelf you like in a particular room or a print for the wall - you're unlikely to find that the perfect room already exists to suit your personal style! However I’d say don’t let Pinterest be your ONLY place to find inspiration. Check out a fellow interior blogger's advice Juan here for more ideas of where to get ideas.

“Knowing what you don’t like is really helpful in the the refining process.”

If it helps you could get a little bit old school and create a home scrapbook. My scrapbook is about 6 years old and even though my taste have evolved I still love a lot of those room ideas. Sadly I don't seem to buy home magazines anymore so it's been a bit neglected of late.

This room that I found this over 5 years ago inspired my current living room.

This room that I found this over 5 years ago inspired my current living room.

Create a Moodboard

Then I create a concept or mood board. I used to do a physical one with the paint, fabric, carpet etc. attached on to a piece of card that I could take with me when I'm shopping but I'm actually enjoying doing this digitally now. Being able to overlay ideas on top of and around each other helps me to imagine the room much better especially alongside things like furniture and art prints etc. and I can even incorporate existing items onto the moodboard so I can see how it all sits together. If something doesn't quite work, it’s super easy to swap an image rather than having to go to the shop or online to request another sample. Creating a physical moodboard worked really well for my hall when I was trying to figure our what carpet would work with the Ammonite walls and slightly darker woodwork painted in Purbeck Stone (both Farrow and Ball colours). However I love the challenge and expanding my horizons as I now create digital concept boards for my Room Service clients.

Forget Everything!

This is actually a proven teaching technique but if there's a sticking point in the room or a difficult problem or you're feeling indecisive with colour, just forget about it. Don't worry and don't think about it for a while and let your subconscious do the work. I've had my most genius ideas when I've been driving or in the middle of the night when one of the children squeaks and I can't get back to sleep. Give your brain a rest from thinking and then when you go back to it the answer should appear clearer. I also find that I need to look at testers on the wall quite a few times before I can decide and look at them in different light at different times of the day. I really struggle to rush creative decisions. But how do you know when you've decided?...

Falling in Love

I know what to settle on when I’ve fallen in love with a concept and it just feels right! That feeling when I get excited about the colour and patterns I've chosen and especially about sourcing everything. Along with this I try to challenge myself to do something I’ve not tried before in my home or something a little bit different. I don't want my rooms to be identical to someone else's even if that's my starting point. 

Romantic pink vibes in my scrapbook

Romantic pink vibes in my scrapbook

My Kid's Room Inspiration

I've been keeping a kid's decor Pinterest Board (check it out here) for a few years now but for For Jack's new bedroom there was one particular image that caught my eye on Instagram by @mrs_mac4. I instantly fell for the muted colours and this along with Hazel's playroom that I visited for the blog earlier in the year inspired me to do something I've never done before - monochrome! I am not a black and white fan at all but what I loved here is how well it works with a light mint green. This is one of my favourite decorating colours and features in the crackled glaze tiles in my bathroom (and it's also in my logo).

mrs_mac4 image from  Instagram

mrs_mac4 image from Instagram

More instagram Inspo

So now that I've got the colours sorted I can go back and do a bit more research on Pinterest now I know what I'm looking for. Now you may not realise this but Instagram is almost surpassing Pinterest for me when it comes to interior inspiration. EVERYONE in the interiors industry is on there and more of my inspiration has come from here than anywhere else in the past year. A friend's Instagram post popped up one day which gave me a unique yet affordable idea for the flooring in Jack's new bedroom - OSB! It looks a little bit industrial but I've seen it in the flesh and it's actually quite cosy when a rug is placed on it. It's taking a little bit of research to find the right material and thickness but am pretty confident that Mr Skirting can fit it for me and do an amazing job!

Charlie's OSB floor in her loft bedroom from  Instagram

Charlie's OSB floor in her loft bedroom from Instagram

Some other key ideas that I want to achieve are a triangular mountain mural on the wall (abstract rather than too literal) and also I want the colours of the walls and ceiling to be matched to the hues in Where the Wild Things are and images from the book will be framed in the room.

My Moodboard

So without further ado here is my mood board...

Moodboard for Jack's new bedroom

Moodboard for Jack's new bedroom

So what do you think? It's a little bit dark and moody (my favourite of course) to add to the cosiness and it's also looking a little scandi as well! Have I just invented a new style - moody scandi?! I'm also feeling happy that the scheme will sit well across the hall from Jack's old room (where Ethan will be relegated to) and the neutral grey of the landing too. 

So the colours are inspired by the colour palette from an image from Where the Wild Things Are and lots of these items I already own like the cast iron bed from Maisons du Monde,  the Don't Grow Up print from Nickie Kelly, the sheepskin rug and the wall lights (the ceiling is too low for a pendant light). I've also got some ikea picture shelves to be used as low bookshelves and am considering what soft lighting to add, whether fairy lights or a bedside light. The walls and ceiling will be light mint green, dark grey and a greyish-white (I just can't bring myself to do brillaiint white!) but I'm not completely decided on the combination yet and whether I might use wallpaper to create a feature wall. As for the paint I'm actually going to do something I've never done before and that is have the exact colours mixed up based on the illustration from the book. Not sure exactly how it works yet but I'll let you know how it goes on the big reveal before Christmas!

So there you have it, my process for designing my own rooms and the moodboard for our current project. If you have any thoughts or ideas I'd love to hear from you. Don't be shy in commenting below! The deadline for this room is mid-December (so less than a month) so if you don't follow me already on social media then hop on over to your favourite platform (links at the very bottom of the page) and keep in touch so you don't miss the grand reveal!

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