8 Interior Design Myths that just aren't true!

There are some interior design myths flying around out there and they are stifling our creativity! When can you have dark walls, where should wallpaper go and should skirting boards be white? Here are 8 myths that I am demystifying with alternatives of how to approach a project so that you can try new things and end up with a room that you love. Enjoy the read!

Is it Made to Last?

What do you think about sustainability and when you buy things for your home are you really thinking how long they will last? I’m discussing this with Joel Chudleigh, the co-founder of Made to Last on the blog this week who has some really insightful thoughts on good quality products, how to keep going in business and even life in Japan! I love this brand who are committed to long lasting, sustainable British products for everyday life, straight from the maker. There have a particularly great lighting range!

Industville: Illuminating every room

What kind of lights do I need in my room? Do you consider lighting at the beginning when you start to plan a room? How creative can you really get with lighting? How important is lighting for a room scheme? This and all your questions answered in this post as I journey round each room in my home and selecting a different light to suit from Industville…

Home and Away: An interiors lover in Barcelona

With less than 48 hours in the incredible Barcelona, I was stunned by the design inspiration around every corner. It’s a European city brimming over with creativity (maybe why it’s one of my favourites) and when you look at the great Modernist artists it’s inspired, it’s easy to see why it’s a special city. There was a unifying theme that connected all the places we visited so have a read to discover my design inspiration from this trip. I will definitely be going back again soon…

7 reasons I've started buying interiors magazines again!

Do you buy home magazines anymore? Do you even buy books any more or do you read them on your kindle or iPad? The relevance of buying home magazines when you can get endless interiors inspiration online is a issue that has been batted around interiors circles in recent months and one that I've had on my mind recently too. So why bother buying home magazines anymore? A few months ago my answer to this question would be very different... 

Colour Story: Green

Green is the next in my colour series and I have the talented botanical Artist Charlotte Argyrou giving us the lowdown on 3 trends that can help us use this colour with style in our homes. She also helps us understand a bit more about this hue and there is a little insight into her process. Go have a read for some serious inspiration! 

Colour Story: White (and why it’s never going on my walls!)

We all use white in our homes but do we do it because it's the best option or because we aren't sure what else to do! Here are some of my very personal thoughts on decorating with white and how we can do it more successfully! There are some top tips on getting to grips and understanding our own style too which for me is the secret to great design and creating rooms that we love. This is the first in a whole series where I am going to be putting the spotlight on different colours...