Do you have a room in your home that desperately needs an update or a complete makeover but somehow you've never got round to doing it? Or maybe you're doing a renovation and need to get clear on your room design! Maybe you need some inspiration but don't know where to start and an interior designer sounds too expensive. If you find yourself putting off the hassle of decorating more and more, are swamped with a massive renovation project, or just don’t know where to begin, then Room Service is for you. Together, we will transform your building site woes into something wonderful! There are 3 affordable packages to choose from...

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Here's what happens:

  • Initial discovery call

  • I send you my signature pre-meeting tasks to get your creative juices flowing

  • We meet (for up to 2 hours) to discuss the space & start creating ideas. We make some initial decisions, discuss budget & measure up where appropriate

  • I take your ideas and thoughts and create either a Pinterest board or mood board full of ideas of where to get started with your shopping. You'll receive this and an action plan summary within 2 weeks

  • You can begin to plan and source items and will receive a follow up phone call so I can see how you are getting on!

  • NEW - you will receive Donna's Directory (a list of all my favourite brand and indie businesses) to help you source your new room!


including 10% donation to homeless charity BENCH

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In addition to Room Story you will receive...

  • A range of options of where to source particular items

  • These can include unique pieces such as antique finds as well as high street items depending on your preference and budget

  • In addition to a mood board or Pinterest Board and you'll also receive a document outlining your specific items along with the action plan summary

  • One revision of the suggested scheme

  • Then you can get going with creating the room of your dreams minus the hours and days of time you would have spent trying to source the products you need!

  • Although you will also receive Donna's Directory, the beauty of this option is that I spend the time finding the specific items and collating them for you...


including 10% donation to homeless charity BENCH

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This is for a bigger project or extension as you will…

  • Get Room Source for 3 rooms. These can be other rooms in your home if your extension is only one space

  • The beauty with this option is that they will be real consideration of how those rooms connect and have a more cohesive feel as you move through your home.

  • An additional visit at the end once you have finished the renovation and decorated so I can help you arrange the larger bits of furniture and style the room

  • The second visit can really help with the hardest element of completely finishing the room and I will guide you to source those final items (within your budget) to bring the room together. These can include for example cushions, artwork (my favourite way to personalise a space), storage etc. but as with all the packages will be totally tailored to your needs. And you will have a fully completed room by the end of the process!

  • Extra conversations throughout if ideas or plans for the space changes.

  • You will also receive Donna's Directory.


including 10% donation to homeless charity BENCH


Who is room service for?

  • Well anyone who needs some creative inspiration and guidance in their renovation project.

  • If you are a little fed-up with ever-changing trends and more interested in finding your unique, timeless style

  • You must be willing to take part in the creative process and understand that although I give plenty of industry advice and aesthetic ideas, the final decision is down to you!

  • A little inner reflection is required to find what really resonates with you on a deep level

  • You are in charge of project managing your decorating schedule, this is a concept service only (with lots of encouragement along the way)

  • The cost does not allow for mood board revisions. These are available at an extra cost.

  • Come with an open and expectant mind. Together we can do this!


You can see how each scheme has a different feel and each one is a product of the face to face client discussions and creative explorations. Colour always come into play whether in subtle details or as a main component of the room.

You can see how each scheme has a different feel and each one is a product of the face to face client discussions and creative explorations. Colour always come into play whether in subtle details or as a main component of the room.

Payment due before consultation. Additional visits will be charged at an hourly rate. A visit without mood board is £79 and a 30 minute phonecall for those DIY dilemmas is £39.  Please get in touch if you have a bigger project or need help designing a business space or even an Airbnb or rental property. I'd love to hear from you! 


I moved to London in 2005, first renting in Deptford (which is oh so trendy now!) and then bought a flat which we renovated from scratch in Ladywell. The next natural progression like many of us was to move a little further out of London to get more space but the pay off was buying a property that need a little bit (or a lot) of work! I found that many of my friends were in the same position as me but they NEVER got round to decorating or renovating the rooms that they've always intended to and ended up feeling completely uninspired. With lack of vision and good procrastination skills they put up with the status quo. I know. I've been there! The biggest barriers are two things that are precious to us - TIME and MONEY.


I felt there was a real gap in the market for an affordable interior design service that could still allow people to have their own input into the creative design process so that they can discover their own style and by knowing that can create a room that they'll love! I really believe that if could only get excited about the potential of your rooms, then you can jump over all the hurdles that hold you back. Room Service is about telling YOUR story. So the exact details of what will happen will purely depend on your needs. Maybe you only want to brighten the colour of the walls and integrate existing furniture. Or maybe you need help sourcing fabrics and accessories to bring your room alive. Maybe you require kind of decluttering experience so that there's a place for everything in your room. If you need a bit of everything, that's fine too! 

“ROOM SERVICE is a really unique approach to interior design in that the client starts off on a creative journey making discoveries about themselves which are then translated into their rooms. This is what I find really exciting about interior design!”
— DONNA FORD, Founder of Skirting Boards and Chandeliers

With three large renovations under my belt, an award-nominated interiors blog, and my previous experience as a dance artist (yes, it’s relevant!) I provide a quality, imaginative and completely tailored service. Whilst I will be on hand every step of the way, to advise on everything from colours to materials, YOUR ideas and YOUR personality ultimately propel the design process. The reward? A finished room that you love and an improved sense of wellbeing thanks to our artistic and innovative journey! 

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Benefits of Room Service

There are so many benefits to Room Service that you may not realise on first glance so jump over to the blog and have a read about why this is something I am so passionate about and how it can work for you!