Yes, Skirting Boards and Chandeliers are getting people together to learn about creative approaches to interior design so that we can feel even more motivated to make those changes in our homes, so that our walls and surroundings can bring us a little more joy everyday.

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“Donna is an inspirational speaker and the depth and breadth of her knowledge from design and wellbeing to creativity and colour psychology is impressive. Most importantly Donna’s approach to interior design is empowering. I felt much more excited and confident about my own creativity and design abilities afterwards.”
— Interiors and Wellbeing participant

What we’ll do…

As someone who has led arts workshops for years we won’t be sitting still or listening to someone talk at your for too long. We’ll get chatting (sometimes a little beyond interiors) and get really thinking about your unique preferences and how they can motivate us to take action in our homes. Our first workshop looked at where we start with a room, why we have colour preferences and what 10 things I think work universally for every room! You can read more about it on the blog here. Finding the time, motivation and creativity to create rooms that we adore and never get bored of is hard but very possible and that’s the heart of the workshops. I want people to go away equipped with ideas, tools and skills, excited by all the possibilities that didn’t know existed before!

What you’ll need to bring

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A note book, a pen, maybe a friend but definitely an open mind. I am not conventional in my approach to design. I believe that we need to understand ourselves and our preferences in order to even start designing a room and want to share creative and fun ways that we can do that. There are loads of design tips and sourcing ideas too so that the theory can be put into practice.

Where we meet

For now the workshops are being run in SE London and for those north of the river - no it doesn’t take an age to get here! A quick train ride from London Bridge and you’re in leafy South London. We’ve met in a cafe and in a glorious plant shop but have loads more ideas for locations, even meeting in local inspiring homes for a more cosy intimate feel and a chance to talk to others about how they made it home.

“Donna’s knowledge and enthusiasm for interior design is infectious. She’s smiley, personable and fun. The content is engaging and gets you thinking!”
— Create a home you love participant

If you’re interested in some of the upcoming workshops in 2019 then please add your details below so that I can send you dates and tickets information as soon as they come out. I’d also love to hear what content you’d like me to cover so let me know below what holding you back from creating a home you love and where you need a little creative direction.

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“I was buzzing with ideas and couldn’t get to sleep for ages!”
— Create a home you love participant
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